ModuSense Tank Monitor

Regular price $899.00

This solution pack includes everything you need to get up and running on a single water tank with monitoring data sent over the cellular network.

  • 1 x Controller Gateway with solar panel
  • 1 x Water Tank Sensor (3 meter max depth)
  • Includes first 12 months of connectivity on Spark cellular network (when using the cellular version)
  • Includes first 1 month of connectivity on Iridium Satellite Service (when using the satellite version)
  • Renew connectivity in the ModuSense Cloud app as needed
  • If you are 'off-grid' then please ensure you select the Satellite option

For multiple tanks requiring independent level monitoring, you can use our M-SAP aggregation device on each tank, data is then reported up to the Controller Gateway over Bluetooth. This way you only need one Controller Gateway, keeping costs down.  Get in touch to find out more.