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Bluetooth Tilt Sensor

$872.35 USD
Plus any applicable taxes

The ModuSense Bluetooth Tilt Sensor is a full 360 arcdeg triaxial wireless tiltmeter for very precise measurement (0.001 arcdeg resolution) of changes in inclination. The instrument uses a very low noise accelerometer that enables a resolution of 0.001 arcdeg with a stability of +/-0.001 arcdeg.

Paired with the ModuSense IIoT Gateway, you can deploy these tilt sensors in rugged and remote locations to monitor all sorts of things, including:

  • Slips and land-slide prone embankments
  • Rocks that may become dislodged with earth movements
  • Structures that may move with environmental conditions
  • Specimen trees or plantations of significance
  • Attenuation cages on hillsides and road-ways that could be impacted by rockfall
  • Scaffolding structures prone to ground movement or windage
  • Bridges (pedestrian or traffic) that may be susceptible to structural failure
  • Many, many more

Key features:

  • Replaceable batteries
  • IP68 enclosure
  • Triaxial, X Y, Z axes
  • 0.001 arcdeg resolution
  • +/- 0.001 arcdeg stability for 24hr test
  • Easy to install, no pre-leveling required
  • Bluetooth 5 wireless communication
  • Up to 300m connection range when using BLE Long Range Mode in suitable conditions (line of sight).
  • Naive integration with ModuSense Gateways for simple deployment including support for BLE Long Range Mode.

Warranty Information