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HiveBeats - Environmental Monitoring Sensor

$105.00 USD
Plus any applicable taxes

The Hive Beats Environmental Monitoring Sensor is a state of the art electronics device designed to provide you with temperature, humidity, air quality and light level information. 

The Hive Beats Environmental Monitoring Sensor measures the following: 

Sensor Units Range Accuracy
Temperature °C -20 - 85°C +- 0.2°C
Relative Humidity % 0 - 100% +- 2%
Air Quality ppm 50 - 1000 ppm +- 3%
Ambient Light lux 0.01 - 83000 lux +- 0.2%

The use-cases for this are endless, customers are already using the HiveBeats Environmental Monitoring Sensor to:

  • Identify cold and damp rooms in their houses
  • Monitor air quality conditions in horse floats during transport
  • Monitor temperature and humidity regulation in cafe refrigerators
  • Monitor the condition of a colony of bees in a beehive

You can use one or more sensors on their own or pair with a gateway:

  • When used stand-alone, the HiveBeats Environmental Monitoring Sensor will log up to 3 months of data - downloadable to any Android or iOS mobile device running the HivBeats App.

  • When multiple sensors are used in a location with WIFI, the Indoor IoT Gateway will enable you to see data from all sensors from the ModuSense Platform
  • When used with an IIoT Gateway Satellite (SWARM), the HiveBeats Environmental Monitoring Sensor sends data in real-time so you can monitor it remotely. 

Ongoing Costs

If used standalone, access to the ModuSense data platform (web or mobile app) is included in the purchase price for the first 12 months. For each year after there is a cost of US $10 per year per Environmental Monitoring Sensor - that is less than $1 per month!

If an Indoor IoT Gateway or an IIoT Gateway Satellite (SWARM) is used to access multiple sensors, it will require data routing access at an additional cost.

Warranty Information

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Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand.