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IIoT Beehive Monitoring Solution - 1 Hive - Satellite (Swarm)

$1,763.00 USD
Plus any applicable taxes

The ModuSense IIoT Beehive Monitoring solution is a ready-to-deploy satellite-connected solution. It comes pre-configured with integrated industrial-grade sensors and low-cost communications options providing global connectivity and reliability.

Quick and easy to deploy, the solution does not require calibration and includes an onboard battery backup for uninterrupted operation regardless of the weather conditions.

This bundle includes all the components necessary to deploy the solution for a single beehive for 12 months. These components are as follows:

  1. IIoT Gateway Satellite
  2. Brood Monitoring Sensor
  3. HiveScale Platform V5 - Bluetooth
  4. Satellite Access and OEM Data Routing Service - 12-month subscription.
  5. Beehive Monitoring Dashboards - Annual Subscription per dashboard

At the end of the first 12 months, you will be prompted to renew your subscription to the solution bundle.

Note: This bundle can be customised to suit different sizes of beehives and beekeeping sites. Get in touch with us to learn more about customized solutions that will suit your need. For example, to monitor more hives at the same apiary site you simply add more HiveScale and Brood Monitor devices, the same gateway will pick up the data.