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IIoT Sensor Node - RS485, no Solar Assembly

$654.00 USD
Plus any applicable taxes
SKU SN.485.V1

The ModuSense IIoT SensorNode is a downstream node device, automatically relaying data from directly attached sensors (via the two RS485 ports) such as Environmental Monitoring Sensors, River Level Sensors, Weather Station Sensors or Tank Level Sensors.

When paired with a ModuSense IIoT Gateway you can have as many as 32 SensorNodes within range of the gateway, all beaming their data up to the gateway for re-transmission over the network on which the gateway is attached (Swarm Satellite, LTE Cellular, and more).

When operating without a gateway, the SensorNode will behave as a data logger, you can then download the stored records using the ModuSense Mobile App. 

Mobile App: Use the ModuSense Mobile App to manage your device and data.

Ongoing Costs: Requires a ModuSense Data Platform subscription.

The purchase price does NOT include data platform access costs.

Battery Backup: Automatically charged via a solar panel (optional), the onboard battery provides ongoing operation.  For extended runtime without a solar panel, you can optionally provide 12vDC to the external input from an existing power source or large SLA Battery. 

Mobile App: Use the ModuSense App to connect to the Sensor node, configure ports and runtime parameters as well as manage your data.


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