ModuSense Bottle Scale System - Dual Scale

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The ModuSense Bottle Scale is a highly durable solution for monitoring consumption of gas resources. 

  • Highly durable Stainless Steel (304)
  • Ideal for 45KG LPG bottle as used in lifestyle installations
  • Versatile - can also weigh 9KG and 18KG variants
  • Ongoing platform access $120 per year (includes cellular data).
  • If you are 'off-grid' then we have Satellite options too - get in touch.

This product apparatus has been accessed for safety using the risk assessment principles in the standard AS/NZs 60079.14 page 96 section 1.3.

Certificate of compliance No. OP161209.XGEQW93

Warranty: 24 months, return to ModuSense.