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Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket

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$414.00 USD
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Looking for accurate rainfall measurement and monitoring?  The Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket is an industrial sensor that can be deployed in harsh conditions.

This updated version has an improved inner funnel to even out the flow of the rainfall into the gauge, providing better accuracy at higher rainfall rates. The simplicity of this design assures trouble-free operation and accurate rainfall measurement.

The “tipping bucket” refers to the mechanism that certain rain gauges deploy to measure precipitation at any given time. A tipping bucket rain gauge is the most common type available and is known to produce accurate and reliable results.

Accuracy: 2% (1mm per minute)
Resolution: 0.2mm
Collector Area: 314cm2

This unit comes with 2-meter sensor cable ready to plug into the ModuSense Gateway RS485 port.

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