Controller Gateway - Satellite

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Leveraging the Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) network to provide a simple and efficient transport capability for transmitting short data messages between equipment and centralised host computer systems.

Purchase price does not include Satellite access costs.

The ModuSense Controller Gateway - Satellite allows almost endless expansion of sensors and control points. The network bus system leverages industry standards (I2C and RS485), allowing for the adaptation of almost any sensor as well as Bluetooth for wireless sensor data collection. 

This satellite version of the controller gateway includes cellular connectivity by default.

Built-in Accelerometer: Allow for instant deployment as a shock or motion sensor, the controller itself has an on-board 3-axis accelerometer. 

Battery Backup: Automatically charged via a solar panel (or optional mains power pack), the on-board battery provides ongoing operation at night and in bad weather when mains power is not viable. 

Online Reporting: Use the ModuSense Cloud dashboards to manage your data and set alert levels.

  • Flame resistant IP67 enclosure
  • 6000mAH Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Rugged 5W Solar Panel
  • Built-in Accelerometer