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ModuSense OEM Satellite Modem (Swarm)

$260.00 USD
Plus any applicable taxes

This is a ready-to-use modem device complete with a patch antenna (for GPS) and whip antenna (for Satellite).  Simply hook up to your project and interface over UART or USB.

This device has been officially approved by Swarm Technologies as a certified product.

The Modem is a proven solution that has the SWARM TILE, ESD protection and power supply filtering circuitry built in. The primary board is designed to suit a MikroBUS style connector. 

The second part of the Modem solution is the mPCIe host board.  This board adapts the primary board to a (USB-based) mPCIe compatible form factor, with an option to use a UART interface instead of USB (Note that the UART interface is not standard mPCIe). The mPCIe host board consists of control lines (On/OFF, RESET, GPIO1, XINT), ESD protection, USB-to-UART converter (CDC Class) and a DIP switch to switch between the UART and USB interfaces.

Note that an active Satellite Data Plan is required to operate the Modem, this is sold separately (various options exist for different deployment models).  It is mandatory to purchase the first 12 months of access with the Modem.

Access Compliance:  Swarm has regulatory approval in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and other parts of Europe and the world - please get in touch to confirm your location.

Swarm uses frequencies in portions of the 137-138 MHz (space-to-Earth) and 148-149.95 MHz (Earth-to-space) bands.

Terms and conditions apply.

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